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    Emergency Dentist: What You Need To Know

    Posted on December 31st, 2017 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

    Have you ever woken up to that awful and increasingly painful feeling in your mouth resulting from a tooth problem? At that moment, did you wish you had listened to others and chosen a dental practice that handles emergencies? Why wait for another situation like that? Act now to make sure you have a dentist who can treat all of your dental needs. Never put off finding the dentist who can handle all types of care; because you never know when an unforeseen problem can arise. You must find an emergency dentist in Chicago, right away!

    Check Hours

    Making sure that you research your dentist’s office before you make an appointment is vital to your health. The internet is where you should find all essential information. When you are viewing their site, there are specific items that should be there. You must check the services they offer as well as their hours, to know whether or not they offer emergency dental services and hours. Confirming if they have urgent care options is critical. Knowing if they have these special hours and experts to treat emergencies in advance, prevents you from needing to find a new doctor.


    On-site dental emergency procedures will be vital to making sure you get the exact care you need in a timely matter. Make sure the dental office offers the services and procedures necessary in emergency dentistry cases at their office. You definitely don't want to be running around the city looking for a dentist who will actually perform the procedure you need at their office. Checking ahead of time can save your precious time and money.


    Even though their site might show that they handle a wide range of dental emergencies, you must do your homework and confirm that they are skilled in handling all of the conditions they list that they treat. To do this research, you can Google their doctors and check their certifications and accreditations. Additionally, reading patients’ reviews is always an excellent idea. When you read testimonials, you must check the ones on their page as well as the reviews that pop-up on Google and other search engines. Remember, you want as many recommendations as you can get to know that they have been practicing for a reasonable amount of time with little to no adverse patient feedback or sanctions. Chicago Smile Design is an experienced emergency dentist in Chicago. Not only that, we offer general, cosmetic, and sleep dentistry services as well! We are currently accepting new patients so contact us today to see how Chicago Smile Design can fit your many dentistry needs!  

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