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Newest Advancements Offered by Dentists

Posted on May 23rd, 2019 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

Whether you’re scared of the smells and sounds or just get anxious when it’s time to go to the dentist, you may have put off dental care for a while, which means you may be unaware of the newest advancements. A sedation dentist is just like a general or cosmetic dentist because they offer all the same services and options. However, they do one thing differently because they provide minimal sedation options, such as medications. They may also soon be able to provide no-needle anesthesia, which is one of the newest advancements in the dental industry.

Studies and Features

Primarily, this option works by applying a numbing gel to the area first. The dentist can use a small electrical current to ensure that the numbing agent is fully absorbed into the skin. That way, you don’t have to worry about the needle, which is a scary proposition for many.

Of course, that makes the process pain-free because you don’t get pricked by a needle. You aren’t waiting anxiously for the dentist or hygienist to prick you and don’t have to see the needle going into the mouth past your view.

The study was conducted by the University of Sao Paulo back in 2016. A handful of dental practices use this option instead of or along with traditional needle injections.

You can ask your dentist if they offer such options and how it works. Many times, they worry that the numbing gel isn’t strong enough to last throughout the procedure. Therefore, it’s likely that the numbing gel is used on the area to receive the injection. You don’t feel the injection of anesthesia, which means you can relax and feel more comfortable during the process. If you get anxious when seeing a needle, your dentist may recommend that you close your eyes before they bring the needle into your line of sight.

Your dentist may have new, more modern ways to sedate you. Visit your dentist to learn about their sedation methods.

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