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Posted on July 13th, 2018 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

Dental implants are more technologically advanced, and they offer a full replacement tooth that mimics the structure of a natural tooth. The root is titanium and implanted into the jaw. A crown is put over the titanium root and abutment, which looks just like a natural tooth. The best part is, Chicago residents never have to worry about the implant falling out while eating, having to remove it to clean, or any other issues that happen with dentures. Plus, they can last your lifetime if you brush and floss regularly and see your dentist twice a year.

Suitable Candidates

In the past, you had to recently have lost a tooth to be a candidate for an implant because you need enough bone in the jaw to hold the implant in place. However, advancements in technology have made it easier to regrow the bone and help you have a higher success rate for implantation. Anyone who has lost a tooth (or multiple teeth) can now benefit from implantation, even if they currently use dentures or bridges.

More Natural

While most people don’t consider having titanium embedded in the jaw as a natural treatment, the look and feel of the crown is more natural than dentures and bridges. With dentures, they slip, come out, and have to be removed at night and for cleaning. They also feel strange in the mouth, especially if it’s a part that requires metal to surrounding healthy teeth. It is important to note that implantation is a surgical procedure and does require significant healing time. However, when it’s all complete, you’ve got a full row of healthy teeth once more. Dental implants are one of the best alternatives to natural teeth because they last a long time and look like healthy teeth. Visit Chicago Smile Design in Chicago to learn more about their implant process.

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