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    Why Do I Have White Spots On My Teeth?

    Posted on January 10th, 2020 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

    Have you looked at your teeth at any point and realized that there are white spots on them? If you recognize that this has happened to you, know that this is fairly common in the dental world and that you are not alone! However, it is important that you visit our dentist in Chicago, Il if you are consistently getting white spots on your teeth because it could be a warning sign that a bigger issue is at bay. Many times, white spots are the result of the loss of mineral content in the enamel of your tooth due to a buildup of acidity in plaque. This acidity is the result of not only the food and drinks that we consume, but it is also a byproduct of the bacteria in our mouth, often the result of consuming carbohydrates.

    A Sign of Tooth Decay

    Cosmetically, white spots aren't the prettiest to look at, but they also signify that your tooth is showing early signs of tooth decay. You can think of a white lesion on your tooth as an early warning sign that you need to take the steps to care properly for your smile; if not, you run the risk of developing a cavity at some point in the future.

    Special Care for Those with Braces

    Individuals who have braces are also prone to developing white spots on their teeth more often than those who don't wear braces, making good oral care habits that much more important for those who have braces. If you wear braces, make sure to take the time to brush and floss around each bracket to remove built-up plaque and bacteria.

    Establish a Proper Diet

    Your diet also plays a role in the development of white spots. Make sure that you avoid drinks that contain excess amounts of sugar that could ultimately lead to the breakdown of your teeth's enamel. You should also aim to decrease the number of acidic drinks in your diet as well, as they can negatively impact your enamel and ultimately cause white spots to form. Finally, carbohydrates take a toll on your smile as well, so monitor your intake.

    Can My Dentist in Chicago, Il Help Remove the Spots?

    Because the white spots that develop are a permanent change in the tooth's structure, they are not removable. The size, cause, enamel deterioration and the overall quantity of your white spots play a role in how well your dentist can reduce the appearance of white spots. As soon as you notice that a white spot is developing, you should schedule an appointment with our team to see how we can help before the problem worsens. Although white spots are extremely frustrating, they can ultimately be avoided by practicing good oral health and staying on top of any changes that may be occurring in your mouth. As always, our team at Chicago Smile Design is only a phone call away and is happy to help!

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