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    Caring for Your Toothbrush

    Posted on August 7th, 2014 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

    Your toothbrush keeps your smile clean - why not give it a little love and care back? The manner in which you store your brush, as well as where, can have an effect on your oral health. Keep your smile happy and healthy with these useful storage tips.
    1. When you finish brushing, rinse your toothbrush well with tap water before putting it away. You want to make sure no toothpaste or other debris is stuck in the bristles.
    2. Store your brush upright in a cup or holder to let water drain away from the head of the brush. Built-up moisture can create bacteria.
    3. The toothbrush holder should be out in the open, rather than in a cabinet or cupboard so it can dry thoroughly.
    4. If you have more than one toothbrush in the holder, make sure they aren't touching each other. Bacteria on one brush can contaminate the other.
    5. Keep your toothbrush holder away from the sink and toilet. Dirty or soapy water from the sink may splash onto the brush. Studies have also shown that germs from the toilet can travel about 3 feet when flushed, so leave some space between it and your brush!
    6. If you have cleaning supplies stored in your bathroom, do not allow them to come too close with your toothbrush - many cleaning agents contain toxic chemicals.
    7. Don't fall for the myth that cleaning your toothbrush in the microwave or dishwasher will sterilize it; these can actually cause damage!
    8. Know when it's time to say goodbye to your brush. When the bristles begin to fray, after around three months, replace it with a new one.
    Courtesy of Best Health Magazine

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