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Dr. Tomaselli has been an Elite Invisalign provider for the past seven years!

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Dr. Tomaselli is the first and only Invisalign Super Elite Premier Chicago dentistLearn More

Why use Dr. Tomaselli for your Invisalign treatment in Chicago?

Trust the Top 1%. When you are making a decision that affects something as important as your smile, you want to go with a leader in this type of dentistry. Dr. Tomaselli is the first and only Chicago Invisalign Super Elite Premier General Dentist, has over 24 years of dentistry experience, and is ranked in the top 1% of Invisalign dentists in the US. That means there's a 99% chance we've treated a case just like yours. Trusted experience and a price that will make you smile!

Benefit from Experience. Because many situations are unique, you want an invisible braces provider in Chicago who has treated a variety of issues and therefore has a lot of experience to draw from. Dr. Tomaselli has successfully completed more cases than any general dentist in all of Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan and would be happy to help you achieve the smile of your dreams, too.

Do the Impossible. Dr. Tomaselli has seen many Invisalign patients that were told by other dentists that Invisalign would not work for them; because of his experience working with Invisalign, he was able to help each of those patients achieve what they thought would be impossible.

Dr. Tomaselli provides a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services in Chicago, including Invisalign and Relaxation Dentistry. In addition, he is recognized as a top quality Chicago dental implants dentist.

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