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    3D Imaging Technology

    Posted on April 11th, 2017 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

    The dental industry is constantly changing. Technology advances, diagnostic and treatment methods become more refined, and patients continue to expect greater service out of their trusted dental office. Dentists in Chicago Illinois must evolve with their industry and it’s demands so they can provide the best care and treatment to their patients. At Chicago Smile Design we meet this challenge head-on and are always excited to introduce the latest technology into our practice. We are your trusted dentists in Chicago Illinois which means we offer only the most premier service to our loyal patients.

    Industry Leader

    Chicago Smile Design has been an industry leader for dentists in Chicago Illinois by pioneering 3D imaging technology for many years. We use the iTero Element Scanner which offers high-precision scanning technology that can be customized to fit each of our patients individual needs. 3D imaging allows us to see our patients mouths in greater focus and detail in order to provide a more precise treatment approach. The iTero Element Scanner can capture 20 scans per second which means you spend less time in the dentist chair. The color capturing technology also allows our dentists to distinguish between different kinds of conditions so we can easily and quickly provide accurate evaluations of your oral health. With Chicago Smile Design’s adoption of this technology we have been able to streamline the clinical evaluation process for both our practice and our patients. We can provide comprehensive assessments with ease, accuracy, and speed, so you can return to your day quicker.

    Chicago Smile Design

    As dentists in Chicago Illinois we understand how busy our patients lives are. That is why at Chicago Smile Design we pride ourselves on offering the technology and treatment approaches that can accommodate our patients and their schedules. Say goodbye to goopy impressions and hello to precision and accuracy in dental technology. Become a patient at Chicago Smile Design and be part of a practice that is on the leading edge of dental care. Request a consultation today!  

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