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The Importance Of Visiting A Dentist For Regular Dental Cleaning And Checkup

Posted on February 28th, 2018 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

You’ve probably heard that you should get a dental cleaning and checkup every six months, but most people aren’t sure why. You may put off such routine dental care because you aren’t aware of how essential it is to your mouth’s overall health. You may think you only need to visit our Lincoln Park dentists when you’re in pain, but many times, the pain and discomfort of dental issues can be prevented.

What Happens During a Visit?

When you first arrive, the dental hygienist will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. In most cases, you will get x-rays before getting into the dental chair, though the frequency of x-rays depends on your situation. If x-rays are taken, they will be reviewed for any issues, while the hygienist primarily focuses on checking for gum disease. Once that process is complete, you will meet with the dentist. He will look at your x-rays and flag issues such as cavities. He will explain what he finds and help you understand your available treatment options. Lincoln Park residents can take this time to ask questions, as well. Your dentist may also use this time to examine your head and neck, especially if you’re complaining of jaw pain. They may also knock on the teeth lightly to ensure that they aren’t loose or damaged. If there isn’t severe gum disease (periodontitis) present, the hygienist will clean your teeth by scraping off plaque and using a water tool to help blast away tartar. Once your teeth are smooth, he or she will polish them. The hygienist may recommend that you use medicated mouthwash or other products to reduce your risk of gum disease or decay. The process of going to the dentist is easy and can help tackle problems before they further develop. If you need a Lincoln Park dentist, call Chicago Smile Design to set up an appointment today.

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