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    The Worst Habits For Your Teeth

    Posted on October 29th, 2016 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

      We’ve all got those bad little habits, but some of them are worse than others. This is particularly true when it comes to your teeth. Many people engage in bad habits that have harmful, long-term effects on their teeth and mouths. Here are the worst habits for your teeth.

    Nail Biting

    This nervous, stress-induced habit is probably one of the most common ones around. An estimated 30 percent of children, 45 percent of teenagers, and 25 percent of young adults bite their teeth. That is a huge proportion of our population who are slowly and deliberately gnawing about their nails and teeth. This habit can chip teeth and impact your jaw. The American Academy of General Dentistry estimates that nail biters may incur an additional $4,000 of dentistry bills over the course of their lifetime.

    Grinding and Clenching

    This bad habit is one that many who do it, do so unconsciously. Chronic grinding and teeth clenching often occurs at night and can cause teeth chipping or cracking. You also might experience pain and difficulty opening your mouth wide. Relaxing exercises and wearing a nighttime mouthguard are the best ways to rid oneself of the habit.

    Chewing Ice Cubes

    Chewing ice is surprisingly damaging to your teeth. Both tooth enamel and ice are crystals, thus when you push them against each other one will break. Though ice is usually the substance breaking you can also break your tooth or a filling.

    Brushing Too Hard

    You might think that the mere act of brushing twice a day for two minutes each time is enough to keep your teeth healthy, but how your brush matters as much as how often. Brushing too hard or with a toothbrush that is too can can damage your teeth and irritate the gums. Don’t scrub your teeth clean, massage them. This technique will prove more effective and better for you teeth down the road.

    Sugary Food And Drink

    It’s no secret that sugary foods and drinks are bad for your general health, but they are also very damaging to the health of your teeth. Making a habit out of drinking soda or eating candy will lead to tooth decay, cavities, and hard to get at residue. Bad habits can be hard to break, that is what makes them a habit. But when your health is affected by said habit it is really time to change your behavior. Save your teeth and your wallet by kicking these habits once and for all. Call Chicago Smile Design to make an appointment for your teeth and get on a path toward a healthy mouth. Courtesy of Mouth Healthy    

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