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    Apps that will help keep your teeth clean

    Posted on July 14th, 2015 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

    Keeping up on oral hygiene can feel like a chore. However, it is necessary if you want to keep your teeth healthy and white, keep your breath smelling fresh, and avoiding disease. How can you make dental health fun? Here are a few helpful apps that you can download to make the experience easier, more enjoyable, and more consistent.

    Brush DJ

    This app randomly selects music from your mobile device to play while you brush your teeth. It plays two minutes of the song selection and acts as a timer for how long you should be brushing. It also allows you to set reminders for events like when to brush and floss, when to see the dentist next, and even when to get a new toothbrush. The best part about this app? It’s free!

    Dental Expert

    The Dental Expert app is a comprehensive guide to all things related to oral health. It includes tips, facts, and explanations of different dental terms, procedures, and conditions. There are bonus features to this app including a “Myths vs. Facts” section, before and after photos of different procedures and treatments, as well as an “Ask the Expert” feature where you can ask dental professionals questions which will be addressed soon after submission.

    Dental Symptom Checker

    Have a toothache? Wondering what it might be? The ADA Dental Symptom Checker app is an interactive diagnostic tool that can help you understand what might be going on in your mouth. Of course, we should caution you that this is not a fool-proof system. In a situation that you think something might be wrong related to your oral health, you should consult a dental professional.

    Habit Streak

    Although Habit Streak wasn’t designed specifically for oral hygiene, it can be a great tool to make sure that you form healthy habits! The way the app works is that you check off whether you successfully performed a habit you want to form. Each day, the app will prompt you to check a box indicating that you did whatever it is you want to do more often, forming a chain that grows longer each day. The days you don’t check the box, the chain breaks. It is a great motivator for doing things like flossing and brushing twice a day!

    Whitening Simulator

    Whitening Simulator allows you to use a photo of yourself smiling, and see what your teeth would look like if you were to whiten them. Use it to motivate yourself to strive for whiter teeth. You’ll be shocked at how much better you look with a whiter smile! Courtesy of… http://www.millerdentalcare.com/eugene-dentist-smart-phone-apps-for-your-teeth/ http://hooplaha.com/2013/11/these-5-free-apps-will-help-keep-your-teeth-healthy/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/whitening-simulator/id341030387?mt=8 http://www.brushdj.com/

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