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    Benefits of Flossing

    Posted on November 13th, 2014 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

    You don't floss? What is your excuse? If you think you don't have enough time, you are wrong. Flossing takes only a few minutes and can make a world of difference for your dental health. Here are just a few reasons you should floss every day:

    Bleeding Gums Another common excuse for skipping out on flossing is that it makes a person's gums bleed. However, this is a reason to continue flossing, not to stop! When bacteria remains in between teeth and under gums, it causes gums to become inflamed and tender, causing the bleeding. If you continue flossing daily, you will notice the bleeding cease within a week or two.

    Bad Breath Built up bacteria not only inflames the gums, it can also create odor in areas of the mouth, which is also an early sign of gum disease. Flossing can reduce, or even eliminate, signs of gum disease by cleaning out your mouth and freshening breath.

    Tooth Loss The more the bacteria in your mouth builds up, the more enzymes it must release to fight it. The enzymes can actually cause damage to the bone supporting teeth. When this bone deteriorates, there is nothing to support the teeth, so teeth may be lost.

    Dental Health Costs By flossing teeth you improve dental health, meaning less visits to the dentist and more money left in your wallet. When teeth are damaged or lost, you will likely have to undergo extensive procedures to correct or replace them. These procedures can become costly. 

    Birth Risks The changing hormones that occur when a woman is pregnant make gums more sensitive. If a pregnant woman has gum disease, the bacteria can enter the blood stream and lead to premature birth, low birth weight and other complications.

    There are too many benefits of flossing to skip it. Incorporate it into your daily dental hygiene routine!

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