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    Why Fluoride is Important?

    Posted on March 12th, 2024 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

    “Why is Fluoride so Important?”

    This is a common question from our Chicago Smile Design patients. Below we will help potential patients understand why Chicago Smile Design puts so much emphasis on the need for Bi-Annual clean ups and why patients should be brushing their teeth multiple times a day.
    • What is Fluoride?
    Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral; it’s found in our soil, our air and even our drinking water. It's also found in the toothpastes we use.
    • Standard Process for an Annual Check-up at Chicago Smile Design?
    Outside of asking, “What brings you in today?” and taking X-Rays, there is the actual cleaning. For the annual cleaning process Chicago Smile Design will always offer you Fluoride. You have your choice of 3 different fluoride flavors at Chicago Smile Design: Mint, Bubble Gum, and Carmel. Make sure you checkout what our various Chicago Smile Design colleagues love as well! Fluoride is painted on patient teeth to help make the teeth stronger. Fluoride also helps protect patient teeth against acids or anything sugary they might be consuming. This is why dentists always tell you to brush multiple times a day...not only to brush away food and plaque but also to help keep the fluoride on your teeth as it helps to resist against Acidic and Sugary foods you might eat. By applying Fluoride, you help to strengthen the enamel of your teeth which make your teeth stronger. A good analogy here might be a car’s under coating. You use your car every day like your teeth, if you do not reapply undercoating to the under carriage of your car annually it will begin to rust and fall apart. Your teeth are no different, but your teeth are not made of steel, so they tend to wear faster. All of the above is why keeping up with regular brushing habits and bi-annual cleaning appointments is so important for the longevity of your teeth!

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