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    Wisdom Tooth Wisdom

    Posted on October 29th, 2020 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

    Wisdom Tooth Wisdom w/ Dr. Tomaselli

    We recently had a chance to sit down with Dr Tomaselli of Chicago Smile Design and ask him a few questions about Wisdom Teeth and their removal. We all have Wisdom Teeth and they need to come out at some point, its better sooner than later, but do you need to worry about your teeth shifting?

    Does it matter if you get your Widsom Teeth Out Sooner than Later?

    Dr Tomaselli: Typically, when your teeth are in function (or you are using them) the harder the bone gets. When the bones gets harder the more involved your post ops will be, more than likely. That's why if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed its best and easiest to do it earlier rather than later.

    How does waiting 5 vs 10 vs 20 yrs effect Wisdom Tooth removal?

    Dr Tomaselli: In dentistry we have arbitrarily set a line of being 30 yrs old for when wisdom teeth removal is no longer an elective. Beyond age 30 you really need a reason/cause to remove your Wisdom Teeth. The cause for Wisdom Tooth removal after the age of 30 years old can be pain or decay. That said, there is a increase in bone density after a certain age, but again as you approach 50-60 your bone density starts to deteriorate.

    Do you need to worry about teeth shifting after removing wisdom teeth?

    Dr Tomaselli: No, It's not something anyone needs to worry about. In my 35 years of practicing dentistry in Chicago and the thousands of wisdom teeth I have removed I have only seen a patient’s teeth shift one time, and when they read this they will know who they are. If you have had Braces or Invisalign and wear a retainer you have nothing to worry about when removing your wisdom teeth.    

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