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    Dentist in Old Town

    When you’re looking for a dentist in Old Town, Chicago Smile Design can provide the valuable services you need to beautify your smile and keep it looking great. Our dentist provides a relaxing environment for you get the treatment you need. We take great pride in treating our patients with dignity and respect so you can feel more comfortable and won’t miss out on treatments because you are feeling too anxious.

    Get the Beautiful Smile You Deserve in Old Town

    Cosmetic dentistry allows individuals to reshape their smile into the beautiful one they’ve always wanted. We offer Invisalign treatments, which is an alternative to traditional metal braces. Instead of metal brackets, invisible aligners are used and traded out every couple of weeks to help move the teeth into the right position. The aligners can also be removed to eat and brush your teeth, allowing you to take better care of your teeth during the treatment process.
    We also offer dental implants in Old Town. These implants are a proven treatment that can fill in the gaps in your mouth and provide the support your jawbone needs to prevent deterioration. We will evaluate your condition and determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.

    Nervous about Going to the Dentist in Old Town?

    Many people are nervous or anxious about going to the dentist, while others may even feel debilitating fear. This is the most common reason people fail to attend routine dental visits or to complete treatments when problems occur. At our Old Town dental clinic, we understand your fears and want to make things easier for you. This is why our sedation dentist specializes in relaxation dentistry. Our staff is fully trained and experienced in the latest techniques so you can feel confident in their abilities and feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment.

    Need Someone to Handle Emergency Care?

    Dental problems can sometimes occur at the worst possible time. Perhaps you chip a tooth while you’re eating dinner or maybe you develop an abscessed tooth on a Saturday morning. In these situations, it is important to have an emergency dentist you can turn to for the care you need. We make sure you get in when you are experiencing problems before they become more serious.
    One of the biggest reasons for needing emergency care is problems with wisdom teeth. Our professional staff can perform wisdom teeth removal to ensure you have a healthy mouth once again. Wisdom teeth can result in excruciating pain, and can sometimes cause other teeth to shift out of alignment. We make sure your teeth will function normally again as quickly as possible.

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