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    Sleep Dentistry

    Is snoring keeping you or your loved one awake?

    If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea in Chicago or are having trouble sleeping due to snoring, you may be a candidate for a dental appliance. Dental appliances are recommended by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine as a solution for those who are intolerant of the CPAP machine.

    Even though a person snoring is the considered the most common and obvious symptom someone will exhibit when they suffer from sleep apnea, another one, which is a more serious health concern is skipping breaths while you are asleep. If this condition isn’t treated, sleep apnea has been shown to be associated with higher risk for serious health problems, such as heart attack or stroke. When you skip breaths, your blood oxygen level plummets. This can compromise your whole-body health.

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    Sleep Apnea / Snoring Treatment Chicago
    At your comprehensive exam with Dr. Tomaselli, a renowned Chicago dentist, let him know about your concerns and we can create a custom designed mouth guard to help you have a better night’s rest.

    Don’t put off seeking treatment for you or your loved ones sleep apnea. Doing so may lead to serious complications and in some cases, death. At Chicago Smile Design, we offer sleep dentistry services to patients in the areas of Lincoln Park, Chicago, Gold Coast and Old Town, Illinois.

    For most people, putting off treatment means the condition becomes worse, further disrupting their sleep cycle and life. If you want an effective treatment that will provide you the solutions you are looking for, contact us today. Our sleep dentistry services will help ensure you breathe easy and get a good night’s sleep, every night.

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    The Epworth Sleepiness Scale is a tool used to assess the likelihood of sleep disorders in patients who experience tiredness during the day. It is also useful in determining if a dental sleep appliance may be of benefit to you. To complete the survey, you will select how likely you would be to fall asleep in each of the following situations:

      Please enter the following information so that we may contact you with the scoring of your survey:

      Our sleep dentistry services are designed to help find and treat whatever issue you may be suffering from. With our team, you can feel confident your sleep apnea will be solved once and for all. From the moment you walk in the door, our top priority will be to help you achieve the restful sleep you need. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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