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Whitening for Life

At Chicago Smile Design, we are proud to offer our patients in the areas of Lincoln Park, Chicago, Gold Coast and Old Town, Illinois, the Whitening for Life services. Our team takes pride in helping our patients achieve the smiles they deserve. We also take pride in knowing our patients are able to maintain the highest level of oral health.

The Whitening for Life service was especially developed for patients who are serious about managing their dental and oral health and provides an incentive for individuals who may need a little encouragement to maintain a sufficient dental care routine. When our patients come to us for this service, they will receive professional, custom-made whitening trays and gel they can take home with them. As with any type of service or program, there is typically some fine print, but overall the details related to this offer are fairly simple.

Here you can learn more about the Whitening for Life program offered by Chicago Smile Design. Once you understand what it is and what is offered, you can schedule an appointment where our staff will answer any questions you have. Once you are ready, you can sign and agree to the forms to begin your participation in the program.

Responsibilities of Chicago Smile Design

  1. Our staff at Chicago Smile Design will custom make the whitening trays for our patients who are currently 18 years old or older and are able to dentally and medically receive the tooth whitening services. These trays are given after a regular exam and prophy. If the patient hasn’t used teeth whitening services in the past, a small fee of $88 is charged to enroll in the program. For the patients who have previously invested in whitening services from our office, there will be no fee to participate. For our new patients, the Whitening for Life is a free service that is offered when they schedule and pay for x-rays and an exam. (Please Note: The offer for FREE whitening cannot be combined with any type of other special or coupon).
  2. The patient will then be scheduled to have the custom impressions of their teeth made. This is used to create the whitening trays. They will be ready to be picked up in approximately 14 days.
  3. Once the trays are ready, our staff will provide the patient with the custom trays, as well as three syringes of professional grade whitening gel. During this appointment, each patient will also be given full instructions regarding how to use the trays. Our staff will also answer any questions patients have about the trays at this time.
  4. It doesn’t matter what your cancellation history is with our office. Our team allows all of our patients to participate in this offer unless they suffer from a health condition that won’t allow it. It is always nice, to begin with a clean slate.

Responsibilities of the Patient

The following responsibilities are what we expect from all patients who wish to take part in our Whitening for Life service.

  1. The individual must be an active, current patient. They should schedule a prophy, as well as an exam before the impression appointment is made.
  2. It is critical for patients to always keep their regularly scheduled x-ray, exam, and prophy appointments.
  3. If you have a change to your schedule, you will need to provide us with a 48 hours’ notice. This will allow us to schedule someone else at your appointment time. Also, we have made it a requirement to schedule your appointment within four weeks of your previous appointment date if you wish to remain qualified.
  4. You will be given one whitening gel syringe at each of your prophy appointments. You can purchase extra syringes for a fee of $20.00.
  5. If your tray becomes lost or damaged in any way, it can be replaced for a fee of $35.00 per tray.
  6. If you fail to meet even one of the rules outlined here, you will become disqualified for the Whitening for Life program. However, you will have the opportunity to re-enroll in the program if you pay a reactivation fee of $99.00
If you are ready to get started in the Whitening for Life program, give us a call today. We will be happy to assist you and help you get the white, bright smile you want and deserve.

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