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    The Many Advantages of Invisalign

    Posted on February 23rd, 2018 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

    Many people were born with crooked teeth, but their parents may not have been able to afford orthodontia. If you didn't get your teeth fixed in your childhood, you may want to have this issue fixed as an adult. Know that braces aren't the only solution to this problem. For example, Invisalign in Lincoln Park is an excellent alternative to clunky metal braces.

    Is It Cosmetic?

    Most insurance companies still consider Invisalign to be for aesthetic-purposes only, meaning they aren’t covered. However, it works the same as orthodontics, though there are no metal brackets. Instead, a transparent or invisible tray is used, and you wear it all day. You can remove it to eat or drink, and can also remove it at night to brush your teeth and sleep. Every week or so, a new one is made that is slightly different, which efficiently moves the teeth to their appropriate position without causing excessive pain or embarrassment. Therefore, the answer is two-fold: you should have straight teeth to make life easier but you don’t necessarily have to use metal braces to do so.


    Getting Invisalign in Lincoln Park offers a variety of other advantages compared to traditional braces. For example, they're removable, meaning you can eat anything you want. With braces, you may have to avoid sticky or crunchy foods. Similarly, Invisalign is easy to care for because all you have to do is rinse them out at night. Because you remove them to eat, you can brush your teeth and floss regularly, putting them back in for the rest of the day. While Invisalign is clear, it can still be seen, especially if someone is close. However, they’re nearly-invisible, which means you can feel more confident in social situations. If you aren't happy with your teeth but don't consider braces an option, Invisalign in Lincoln Park is a great option. Contact us today to set up a consultation!

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