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Wisdom teeth bugging you? Say “Bye Felicia”

Why people prefer Dr. Tomaselli for removing their wisdom teeth:


Wisdom Teeth Removal Chicago Somewhere in the country right now, someone has an appointment to have their wisdom teeth pulled by dentists who graduated last in their class. Don’t be that person; use Dr. Tomaselli. As a highly skilled Chicago wisdom teeth removal dentist serving patients in Lincoln Park, Old Town and the Gold Coast, he has successfully removed thousands of wisdom teeth in Chicago over his 31-year career, has done multiple fellowships and has been recognized by his peers as an excellent dentist. Chicago Smile Design is conveniently located in the Gold Coast of Chicago.


Many general dentists refer patients to an oral surgeon when they need wisdom teeth removal because they don’t haveWisdom Teeth Removal Lincoln Park the experience or skill set to perform the procedure. Dr. Tomaselli has practiced general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery in Chicago, including wisdom teeth removal and placing implants, for 31 years. So after he helps you with your wisdom teeth, you can continue to see him for other dental treatments and find out how funny his jokes are without nitrous oxide.

Gentle Care

It’s difficult to imagine removing wisdom teeth as a “gentle” procedure, but Dr. Tomaselli makes the procedure Wisdom Teeth Removal Gold Coastexactly that. Between the ingenious pill you’ll take before the procedure, the skillful use of local anesthetic and the magic of the medications you’ll take home, having your wisdom teeth removed will be a smooth and easy process. Dr. Tomaselli ensures all of his Chicago cosmetic dentistry patients enjoy a safe and comfortable experience during their visit. Dr. Tomaselli is a fellow with the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation and an active contributor to the field.

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Over the years, Dr. Tomaselli has helped numerous patients achieve outstanding results and radiant new smiles. Dr. Tomaselli, along with the dental professionals at Chicago Smile Design, helps Invisalign, dental implants and Minimal Sedation Dentistry patients enjoy a safe and comfortable dental experience. If you live in the Lincoln Park, Old Town or Gold Coast areas and are looking for a wisdom teeth dentist, contact us today to schedule your wisdom teeth removal.  

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