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    Can Invisalign Prevent Health Issues?

    Posted on August 28th, 2017 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

    If you are looking for a method to straighten your teeth, why not find a method that can also improve your health and encourage a healthy lifestyle? While braces are a popular method of aligning your teeth, the metal wires and braces can make it extremely hard to clean your teeth, getting in between the wires and around the brackets. Food can easily get caught here, and your toothbrush may not reach into those areas. There are special tools and brushes to use to get debris out of your teeth while wearing braces, but this is a time-consuming process. Food and bacteria left on your teeth can cause a plaque and tartar build up, causing cavities and eventually rotting teeth. Instead of choosing braces, you can use Invisalign in Lincoln Park to fix the appearance of your teeth while promoting healthy habits.

    Reduces Bacteria

    Being able to remove braces to brush and eat all your favorite foods would be great, wouldn’t it? Using an aligner that you can remove can allow you to brush your teeth in areas that you may not be able to reach wearing braces. Invisalign in Lincoln Park allows you to clean these spots. You can take the aligner out whenever you need to brush your teeth or eat foods that may damage the aligner or get caught. When you are able to clean your entire mouth, you can reduce the bacteria that could cause problems in the future.

    Improves Overall Health

    You can consider your teeth as a small window leading to your overall health. Your smile can say a lot about you. It can also say a lot about your health. Abandoning the care of your teeth can cause tooth decay and yellowing of your teeth due to tartar build up. Neglecting to floss can cause puffy and bleeding gums. People can tell if you take care of your teeth or not. If people see that you are neglecting your teeth, they may conclude that you aren’t taking good care of the rest of your body. Invisalign can create healthy habits and improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. Find Invisalign in Lincoln Park by contacting Chicago Smile Design!

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