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    A Patients Wisdom Tooth Removal @40yrs Old (Their Experience)

    Posted on January 11th, 2021 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

    Wisdom Tooth Removal at 40years Old (Patient Experience)

    I was given the opportunity to write this blog post regarding two wisdom teeth that I had removed at the age of 40. In general I am not a fan of the dentist, the idea of having someone in my mouth for any period of time is too long. However, I had two wisdom teeth that needed to be removed and knew I needed to go to Chicago Smile Design. I was told they play Country Cookout from Spotify, I knew that was my sign!
    I made my appointment with Chicago Smile Design, and was told it would take an hour including my cleaning. This was surprising as I thought the removal of two wisdom teeth would take longer than that. Also, as part of my regular cleaning I was given a scan for mouth cancer which was nice, I do enjoy the occasional cigar.
    The actually wisdom tooth removal took less than 5 minutes and that includes the numbing period as well. My teeth came out like chicklets in two tugs and I didn't feel a thing. I did have some swelling and bleeding. In typical fashion, I didn't read the directions carefully that were given to me for what I should do for the first 48 hours after removing my wisdom teeth.  This caused me to make the mistake of not keeping my head elevated, and caused my mouth to bleed more but once I realize what I was doing and adjusted my head the bleeding stopped.
    I had a 3pm appointment at Chicago Smile Design and I was home by 5:30pm the same day, by 9am the following morning I was fine and back to normal. I did have some swelling in my mouth and was limited to soft foods for the first 48 hours but felt fine. Dr. Tomaselli did reach out to me twice over 48 hours to make sure everything was ok and in fact let me know that once a clot forms you are in the clear. By the 3rd day Dr. Tomaselli had cleared me for cigars which made my weekend and round of golf.
    I had a great experience with Dr. Tomaselli at Chicago Smile Design, I am in the process of scheduling a follow up appointments to wrap up a couple small things before they escalate to something bigger. I hope Chicago Smile Design will give me another opportunity to write a my follow up to my next appointment. I truly appreciate this opportunity to help address some of the stigmas of wisdom tooth removal.    

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