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    Brighten Your Smile With A Makeover

    Posted on April 12th, 2016 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

    Your smile is among one of the first things a person sees. Why wouldn’t you want to make sure it is as radiant as possible? Teeth that are not as white as they could be or teeth that are not straight enough can cause you to feel self-conscious. On top of whitening or straightening, cosmetic dentistry can help with other smile problems. It’s bad enough if your teeth are slightly discolored or a little out of alignment; it can be embarrassing if you are missing teeth or if you have visible amalgam fillings. There are a number of cosmetic dental procedures that a patient can undergo. Depending on what issues they have and what results they want, the dental procedure will differ. Before anything is done, the dentist will first attend to any issues such as cavities or gum problems, and only then will he or she start working on the cosmetic procedures. In many cases, the smile makeover starts with straightening teeth that are misaligned or crooked. Many cosmetic dentists will straighten the patient’s teeth, closing gaps between teeth at the same time; a favored approach is Invisalign, which are invisible aligners that are not obvious for the period of time it takes to complete the process. If you have missing teeth, the dentist can replace them with implants. Once teeth are straight and accounted for, the dentist can focus on aesthetics. In many cases, teeth become stained over time, which is usually caused by food and beverages such as tea and red wine or cigarette smoking. Dentists in Lincoln Park can take on this issue as part of the makeover process. They can whiten your teeth considerably, and it is not unusual to see a difference of eight shades in a very short time. If you have too much gum showing, the dentist can contour them, and if there are amalgam fillings visible when you smile, they can easily be replaced with tooth colored material. If you are serious about enhancing your appearance and gaining a great deal of self-confidence, nothing does it better than a smile makeover. Make an appointment with the cosmetic dentists at Chicago Smile Design, where you can discuss the options available to give you the bright, beautiful smile you have long dreamt about.

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