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    Find A Dentist for Any Specialty

    Posted on November 30th, 2017 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

    Your dentist is someone who you usually plan on only seeing for routine visits, however, there are always instances that can call for more frequent dental care. It is because of these unforeseen situations why you should find a dentist who is trained in specialties beyond just the basics. Nowadays, it is easy to find Lincoln Park dentists who have multiple areas of expertise.


    While you never intend to require more dental work than the typical cleaning, and maybe a cavity filled, there are always problems that can arise. You want to make sure that you find a dentist who can rely on even in emergencies. When you are in need of care that is more than a routine checkup, the last thing you want is to have to get referred to a different office.


    Even though cleanings are the most common procedure, some other treatments have also become more frequent, such as fillings, tooth removals, and root canals. In the past, root canals and tooth extractions were viewed as more invasive and required a specialist. Nowadays, your general dentist can handle them with ease. Of course, there are more severe procedures, such as the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, which should require an oral surgeon. Chicago Smile Design offers wisdom teeth removal, as well as a number of other routine and specialty dental services.

    Level of Comfort

    The most important aspect of your oral care is that you trust your dentist and their staff. Providing a range of services is just a part of making sure you are in the best hands. You must always make sure that the practice you choose has what it takes to make you feel healthy and happy with your smile. Chicago Smile Design offers a wide range of routine and specialty dental services, so you don't have to shop around for a new dentist. As your Lincoln Park dentists, we are intent on providing premier care and results that last a lifetime. Call today to Call today to schedule a consultation!    

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