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The Art of Extracting Teeth

Posted on May 7th, 2019 by Dr. Peter Tomaselli

Dentists everywhere know that removing teeth is of the most common treatments other than preventative care. Dental extractions have come a long way since the past, but there is always room for improvement. As such, most dentists know that they need the right tools for the job and may be surprised when patients exclaim that the process took so little time or was pain-free.

While the third molars (wisdom teeth) are an exception to the rule, most extractions can be done in about four minutes when the patient is relaxed, and the dentist has the right tools. The problem is that the methods and teachings for extractions haven’t changed much in about 200 years until just a few years ago. Most dentists aren’t familiar with the new techniques or believe that there is nothing wrong with their current method.

Wrist Movement Only

Whether you work in a city that’s seen significant economic downfall or not, most patients don’t go to the dentist unless it is essential. Those who have private or work-provided insurance may go more often, but most people just put it off for too long. Then, extraction is the only viable option (usually with a partial denture or implant placement later).

Most dentists use traditional forceps, but they aren’t effective; if you use too much force, it can break the tooth to be extracted and damage surrounding teeth. Instead, dentists who use the Physics Forceps use a unique design that requires wrist movement only to remove the tooth. Therefore, the dentist doesn’t have to twist, push, rock, firmly grasp, or pull with his or her arm. He or she just gently move the wrist, and the tooth pops out. However, dentists need to unlearn the technique of pulling or squeezing the instrument tightly because that is how traditional forceps work.

Your dental professional may have learned new ways to remove damaged or broken teeth. Visit family dentist near you to learn more about extractions and how they’re performed.

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